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A Doll Is Born

Hi! We're Eve and Grace, the founders of My Paper Dolls. What's our story? How did we meet? Why dolls? Read on ...

Part I

In the Beginning

Before My Paper Dolls

From the start, Grace has loved two things, fashion and her dolls, including her favorite one: her little sister, Maggie.

Eve grew up with an addiction to sticker books and a passion for the arts. Including dance.


Grace attended FIDM obtaining a bachelor's degree in Fashion Design. She interned at a fashion start-up, worked as a wardrobe stylist for Netflix, was a technical designer at the esteemed Johnathan Simkhai, all of which teed her up for co-founding MPD.

Grace seen wearing a set she machine knit and hand embroidered, alongside her biggest supporter, Henry, at LAFW.


Eve began her career on camera but swiftly transitioned to a successful two-decade stint as a feature and television executive/Executive Producer. All while building an art collection, studying interior design, having a family, launching multiple other businesses, and killing it on the tennis court.

Eve alongside her everything, her husband, Sam.

Part II

An Ah Ha! Moment

Where it all began

Grace had decided to look for a new design role and was sketching portfolio pieces at her favorite spot in her boyfriend's parents' home. Eve (his mother) walked in and commented, "Those look like paper dolls." "They do," said Grace, and the two women, from completely different generations and backgrounds, waxed nostalgic over their shared love for the vintage play pieces. Then the lightbulb went off - "We need to modernize and re-invent paper dolls," they said (almost) simultaneously.

Voila! My Paper Dolls was born.

The Prototypes: the early days were filled with experimenting, dreaming, and magic.

We quickly found out that Eve had a talent for making vision boards... and lots of them. From day one, we believed My Paper Dolls could be agents for change, placed in personally-designed environments so people could dream and then manifest the beautiful lives they want.

Part III

Turning A Dream Into Reality

We believe in local and support small business efforts. So, as Californians, it was important to us to find Los Angeles-based factories. We can remain hands-on, visiting our sites to ensure the best product for you. Surprise, surprise! We are both perfectionists to a fault.

We couldn't do it without our spectacular team, Joe (Left) & Joe (Right)

Our first ever My Paper Dolls was made for a dear friend, Laura Cathcart Robbins. She recently launched her first book, and we thought it would be so special to capture that moment in time.

There's never a dull MPD moment. Whether we're filming social media content, running all over Los Angeles to oversee production, or soliciting stockists and doing pop-up appearances, we'll do just about anything to get our My Paper Dolls into your hands. We believe they are undeniable: they're pieces of pure joy, made with love, that can prompt life change.

In the end ...

What we have built is backed by love, creativity, and togetherness. You will see when you have your own My Paper Dolls just how much time and attention was given to our product. We hope you will love it as much as we loved making it for you. After all, you're a doll...


Eve & Grace