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Non-Personalized My Paper Dolls with Resort or Bridal Wardrobes

Our non-personalized My Paper Dolls come in your selected NuTone skin and arrive with fashions from either the Resort or Bridal Wardrobes. Our two easel backs ensure your dolls will be Stand-Up Gals. Attach our signature styles using the enclosed adhesive, and your My Paper Dolls will be the ultimate in chic.

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+ How To’s
  • Unfix your My Paper Dolls from the enclosed insert.
  • Set up the enclosed easel backs by folding on the cut lines and inserting the tab into the cut-out.
  • Stand your My Paper Dolls on a flat surface, remove the adhesive backing from the easel back, and attach the adhesive to the back of your My Paper Dolls.
  • Repeat this process for your second My Paper Doll.
  • Your My Paper Dolls are now stand-up gals.
+ Details & Care

Your My Paper Dolls’ silhouees are made of a heavy black chipboard and the Dolls/Collections are printed on silk cover card stock. Due to the nature of our product, your My Paper Dolls are not intended for use near open flames or water, as both will damage the integrity of the paper and may pose a hazard.

Dolls measure: 8” wide x 11” tall x 7” deep (with easel back)

Box measures: 9” x 12” x 2”


  • Having clean hands when assembling/enjoying your My Paper Dolls;
  • Keep food and drinks away;
  • Don’t leave My Paper Dolls in extreme heat or outside;
  • Keep away from pets and small children.
+ Delivery & Return Policy
  • Ships Within 1-3 Days
  • All sales are final.

Be The Best Gift Giver This Season

Give the gift of togetherness and wonder this season with My Paper Dolls – a unique and thoughtful way to create cherished memories with loved ones.