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Follow the prompts below and turn yourself - or someone you love- into a doll.


Why My Paper Dolls?


A Sensational Gift

Give the gift of “Wow, that’s me!” for birthdays, Mother’s Day, graduations, weddings, etc. My Paper Dolls are the unique present that tells the recipient, “I really thought about you.”

Your My Paper Dolls and The Debut Resort Wardrobe

Chic Decor

Embolden your personal space with your mini-me’s: adorn your bar cart, vanity, dresser or office with a fashion-forward version of you!

A Tactile Pastime

You’re never too young or too old to play with My Paper Dolls. Dress them up, take them out, display them. My Paper Dolls are the perfect creative companion to keep you young at heart.

Mood Board

Vision & Manifestation Activity

Design a vision board on the enclosed insert and place your My Paper Dolls

Dolls Out In The World


Your dolls travel in first class ...

Our exclusive magnetic closure box is a gift in and of itself, providing a home for your personalized dolls as well as special keepsakes you want to safeguard. Use the enclosed insert as a vision board and dream of great new beginnings, courtesy of your My Paper Dolls.


The Dolls Have Spoken

Custom made paper doll gift
Paper Doll with Adult
Cute Paper Doll With Book
Fashion Dress Up Dolls


My Paper Dolls are designed to bring joy to absolutely everyone!

  1. Fashion Enthusiasts: For those who appreciate style and high-end fashion, My Paper Dolls offer a delightful way to engage with fashion in a unique way.
  2. Creativity Lovers: Whether you enjoy storytelling, crafting, or imaginative play, My Paper Dolls provide a canvas for endless creativity and self-expression.
  3. Gift Givers: Looking for a unique and thoughtful gift? My Paper Dolls are a surefire way to surprise and delight recipients, offering a blend of sophistication and playful charm.
  4. Decor Enthusiasts: Spruce up your space with these chic paper companions. From office desks to bar carts, they add a touch of personality and style to any environment.
  5. Ageless Appeal: Whether you're 16 or 86, My Paper Dolls transcend age barriers, offering a timeless source of entertainment and a connection to the world of fashion.

In essence, My Paper Dolls are for anyone seeking a blend of elegance, creativity, and a dash of fashionable fun!

Our Co-Founder, Grace, personally hand-draws every face from a photograph provided by you. A significant amount of time is dedicated to each face to ensure that your doll is a unique and a special representation of you.

My Paper Dolls are versatile and cater to a diverse audience, spanning ages 13 to 86! Here are some delightful ways to enjoy and showcase yours:

  1. Chic Display Pieces: Adorn your bar cart, office desk, or any favorite spot with these high-end fashion icons for an instant touch of sophistication.
  2. Vision & Manifestation Activity: Use the insert as a vision board to manifest what you dream of in life. Place your mini me in the environment you wish to cultivate.
  3. Gifts that Wow: Give the gift of style! My Paper Dolls make excellent presents, offering a blend of fashion-forward charm and creative delight for recipients of all ages.
  4. Interactive Decor: Use these stylish dolls to add a playful and personalized flair to your living space. Create eye-catching displays that reflect your personality and fashion taste.
  5. Start Collecting:This is only the start for My Paper Dolls and our community. Each collection is limited and we will be releasing new collections throughout the year. Sign up for our email list to stay up to date and make sure you don't miss out!

My Paper Dolls are a statement, a gift, and a creative companion for individuals of all ages!

Absolutely, we understand that accidents can occur, and while our paper dolls are resilient, damages sometime happen. We want your experience to be enjoyable without worrying too much. That's why we offer to replace your doll or clothing piece at absolutely no cost. Just let us know the details of the situation (provide details here), and we'll swiftly send your replacement your way. Your satisfaction is our priority!